J-RED 2019

A job fair for PhD candidates and young PhD holders

April 4th, 2019

CentraleSupélec Campus, 91190 Gif-Sur-Yvette


For PhD students:
This day is equivalent to 4h of transversal formation.




J-RED : 5 solid reasons to come

  1. To find answers about how PhD students can join the private sector or build their own startups. R&D is not the only option!
  2. To learn more about the various training programs on entrepreneurship and working in industry, offered by Paris-Saclay University
  3. To get in touch with companies in the sectors that interest you, whether related to or not with your PhD thesis. We offer the possibility to book appointments with the companies for job interviews. Otherwise, you can directly meet them at their booth in the afternoon.
  4. To showcase your scientific work in the form of a poster, and have the chance to win the prize for best poster
  5. Have you seen many job fairs that end in a jazz party? At Saclay?

JRED - About Us

Who are we?

The J-RED organizers are all volunteers and PhD Students members of ATACS, the association of PhD Students and Friends of CentraleSupélec. We also work with CentraleSupélec and Paris Saclay services in order to provide to this day a sense of unity within within the construction of the University Paris-Saclay.

The ATACS wishes, for the next editions of the J-RED, to include PhD Students and PhD holders coming from all over the Saclay plateau in the j-RED team. If you are interested, you can send us an e-mail using the link provided in the Contact section.